Projects and clients


The examples below are samples of our research and design work. Please select each image to read a short case-study outlining the project's client, users, funder, methods, and phases.

Community health-kit

South Africa’s primary health care has expanded to more than four thousand clinics across the country, however, Unicef states...

Renewable energy

The MEtaPower is a three-phase inverter than can accommodate 400-1500V solar input. The electronics are enclosed within an IP65 housing, which shields workings from water and other ingress. Thermal management is discreet and...

pinSCROLL mouse
pinSCROLL mouse

The pinSCROLL is at the intersection of maturing computing capabilities and the demands of new user-interface (UI) design. Although virtual three-dimensional...

Home 2.0
Indigenous utility

Home 2.0 combines high-volume industrial design manufacturing with in-situ indigenous knowledge systems. The design aims to contribute to South...

eLula device

eLula facilitates remote cash-based transactions in transient and informal African contexts. Merchants are able to sell a variety of services and utilities, such as airtime and water, to customers on-the-go. For example, users queuing at taxi ranks, or...

uCU device
Remote interactions

uCU is a handheld device allowing medical practitioners to diagnose patients remotely. It has broad application, however it is mostly applicable to...

Slimline kiosk
Secure kiosks

The Kinektek range of kiosks are designed for Business 2 Business (B2B) applications, where functionality and branding can be further customised by the end client. Depending on the kiosk, the...

2030-UP! Method
Coding entrepreneurship

The 2030-UP! project is based on the United Nation's 2030 Sustainable Development goals. Specifically goal 5, which looks to "achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls", and goal 8, which aims to "promote sustained, inclusive and...

MESoftstart device
System optimisation

Along with the growth of renewable energy harvesting, is an increase in technology that optimises energy transfer and usage within a system. The MEsoft is one such device, which manages electrical motor usage by...

Modular voucher kiosk
Vouchering kiosk

The modular vouchering kiosk is designed for high-footfall environments, and to cater for users queuing for a service. It is strategically positioned to replace physical products with a digital equivalents...

Biometric identity

A security device that helps prevent identity theft, which has emerged with the growth of online transactions. The industrial design focused on ease of transportability, usability when an individual is standing or seated, and aesthetically to align with contemporary trends and manufacturing process such as Numerical Control (NC) machined aluminium.

Industrial equipment

Factory-level equipment designed for high-volume Asian manufacturing. The equipment comprised of a central calibration station and multiple hand-held tools. The industrial design focused on addressing the safe manipulation of a potentially harmful technology, and the user-interface design facilitated multilingual usage and ease of calibration.

Medical wearables

Numerous medical watch designs with technology ranging from radio-frequency identification (RFID) and sequence tagging, to accelerometer and algorithmic analysis, and more commonly, photoplethysmography (PPG). The industrial design challenges remain fairly consistent and focus on ergonomics and making data collation aspirational to the user.

Gaming access

A product family of controlled access devices for the gaming industry, which range from desktop, turnstile, and wrist-worn solutions. All devices require operation in demanding environments and to withstand vandalism, tampering, and ingress protection against dust and water to IP67. Depending on the context, the devices use dynamic lighting clues to inform staff of user status.