Proven and reliable


Our key research deliverables are:


The preparation and facilitation of workshops, where innovative methods and equipment are provided to obtain in-depth and unforeseen insights.

Raw datasets

A compiled dataset that was gathered from desktop research or fieldwork, and can be provided in a relational database or text document format.


An interpretation of desktop research and fieldwork datasets into a report format and, if required, a section on future recommendations.


Our primary design outputs are:


A Project Requirement Specification (PRS) that stipulates all areas of a design project and guides the development process.

Supply audit

Auditing supply-chain competencies, infrastructure, quality control, relationship management, and delivery record for client projects.

Brand identity

A brand identity strategy and corresponding document that unifies a client's product and/or service around a logo, language, colour, form, and templating considerations.


A photo realistic rendering or animation that can be used to evaluate market dynamics and acceptance, particular to industrial design projects.

Virtual prototype

A computer model that can be used to ascertain, for example, user-interaction, material fatigue, and assembly considerations.

Physical prototype

A prototype that can be used to physically test, for example, core functionality, ergonomics, and other detailed design decisions.


Dynamic, responsive, and secure websites with back-end and database functionality, which can also be maintained on a client's behalf.

Source code

To manage security and maintenance, we avoid third-party libraries and Content Management Systems (CMS), and rather provide all source-code to a client.

Control drawings

A production data-packs which can be used to produce, and quality control, low-volume (5 to 500 units) or mass-production (500 upwards) orders.

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Our specialist deliverables are:

Proof of concept

A simplified technology stack which combines research/design methods, electronic modules, software libraries, and/or rapid prototyping to help clients' showcase their idea.