Vouchering kiosk

Flexible setup

The Kinektek modular vouchering kiosk is designed for high-footfall environments, and to cater for users queuing for a service. It is strategically positioned to replace physical products with a digital equivalents, for example, entertainment gift vouchers or access tickets. The unique pyramid shape differentiates the kiosk from its surrounds and to subtly alert customers to its presence.

Video 1: Wall-mounted vouchering kiosk

Modularity allows for various installations options from: low-profile between aisle (6), wall-mounted single aisle (7), freestanding end-aisle (6+2), and in all instances an option to include backlighting panels (4). The kiosk incorporaties the following technologies: cash acceptance, card acceptance, bar-code scanning, and physical receipting.

Modular voucher kiosk
Figure 1: Vouchering kiosk modules

Through the use of the ultra low-profile plinth (5), the kiosk complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulation, and allows for both standing and wheelchair operation.