Home 2.0

Indigenous utility


Home 2.0 combines high-volume industrial design manufacturing with in-situ indigenous knowledge systems. The design aims to contribute to South Africa’s Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP), and to provide a mechanism with which to address its mandate to “empower rural communities to take initiatives aimed at control of their own destiny - with the support of government”.

Utility frame
Figure 1: Home 2.0 utility frame

The design is comprised of a utility frame and the following modules: water purification, electricity generation, internet connectivity, cleaning (Grey water), and sanitation (Black water). The modular design allows for essential services to be provided in rural areas, where transport is informal, self-installation is a reality, progressive scaling occurs over generations, non-load-bearing elements can be incorporated without specialised equipment, and where architectural pathways and insulative cladding can be sourced from local resources and methods.

Stacked frames
Figure 2: Home 2.0 stacked frames