System optimisation

Delegating control

Along with the growth of renewable energy harvesting, is an increase in technology that optimises energy transfer and usage within a system. The MEsoft is one such device, which manages electrical motor usage by controlling start-up current. In doing so, it protects the motor's windings (Internal wires that create the magnetic field) from thermal overload, and also reduces the overall electricity power requirement. It has application in areas ranging from industrial pumps to compressors.

Ario inverter
Figure 1: MEsoft din-rail soft starter

The development of the MEsoft used a concurrent engineering method to speed up the identification and testing of novel solutions. Specifically, to reduce the product's overall footprint, to resolve the product's internal thermal management, reduce the Bill Of Materials (BOM) to a quarter of the competitors, and allow for ease of use in compact or enclosed environments. The final design achieved these requirements, and also provided a solution that could be scaled from low-volume production to mass-production.