Structured enquiry

What are methods?

Research and design make use of methods to underpin how a problem is systematically approached. The methods below are used by research + DESIGN based on problem clarity, client dynamic, and design phase.

  1. Design thinking:
    Design thinking is a cyclical five-step process centred around human needs: (1) empathise (2) define (3) ideate (4) prototype (5) test.
  2. Experience Design (XD):
    Experience Design (XD) is concerned with the embedding of unique, dynamic, and culturally rich experiences into products, services, and environments.
  3. Universal design:
    Universal design motivates for a design to be as broadly accessibly as possible, in particular, to cater for diverse age, disability, and cultural needs.
  4. Iterative design:
    Similar to design thinking, yet more focused, iterative design builds on previous design and validation results to progressively refine a solution.